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Preoperative Study

What does it consist of?

The preoperative process is usually mandatory, especially in operations or tests that require anesthesia. It begins with an interrogation to learn the patient’s medical history and a physical evaluation. The doctor then determines which tests are most relevant. The purpose of the tests performed on the patient in the preoperative period is to determine how the patient will react to anesthesia and to surgery in general.

Common tests include:

  • Chest X-ray. This test is performed, in addition to finding out if there are signs of infection, to check that the trachea is well aligned.
  • Blood and urine tests. This test is done to check for signs of infection, as this could lead to unwanted infections leading to major complications.
  • Electrocardiogram. This test will allow the specialist and the anesthesiologist to know the cardiovascular health of the patient.
During the preoperative study

What additional information is obtained?

The surgeon and anesthesiologist need to obtain information about:

  • History of diseases.
  • Surgical procedures performed previously.
  • Current pharmacological treatments.
  • Existence of allergies to medications.
  • Habits of the patient, for example, if he is a smoker.
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