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What are the differences between X-rays and ultrasounds?

25 Apr 2024
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Radiography and ultrasound are some of the most common diagnostic imaging tests and, although they can often be confused, there are important differences between the two.

Differences between X-rays and ultrasounds

X-ray, or radiography, is a diagnostic test that uses ionizing radiation to obtain images of bone and internal structures of the body. Ultrasounds, on the other hand, use sound waves to capture images of soft tissues, organs and viscera, allowing real-time visualization of the movements of tissues and organs.

Conducting ultrasound scans and X-rays

Radiography is an ideal technique to evaluate skeletal tissue injuries and pulmonary pathology, such as bone injuries, fractures, joint, thorax and abdominal pathologies, among others. It is a quick and painless test that allows for instantaneous, two-dimensional imaging of the area under study.

However, ultrasound is a key test in pregnancy and the diagnosis of multiple pathologies, such as bleeding, monitoring during pregnancy, tumors, cardiovascular pathologies, among others.


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