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6 habits for a healthy lifestyle

16 May 2024
2 Min
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Health is a very broad concept that goes beyond the absence of disease. The WHO (World Health Organization) defines it as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Therefore, there are many factors that influence healthy lifestyles.

The importance of personal well-being in our society has led more and more people to ask themselves how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Diet is one of the key factors, but it is not the only one to be taken into account in order to achieve an optimal state of health.

To lead a healthy life and feel good in our daily lives, it is vital to have healthy habits. That’s why we share with you 6 tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet: Adopting healthy eating habits has a positive impact on all aspects of our lives, from physical health to emotional well-being. It ensures that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, helping to prevent a wide variety of diseases, control weight and improve mood and energy levels.


  • Exercise to improve circulation and weight: Regular exercise is essential for improving blood circulation, controlling body weight and promoting better overall health. In addition to the physical benefits, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine can reduce stress, improve your mood and increase your overall sense of well-being.


  • Prioritize sleep hours and follow a schedule: Keeping a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine is essential to promote good physical, mental and emotional health. During sleep, the body carries out cellular repair processes, through which the immune system is strengthened, memory and learning are consolidated and the system’s metabolism is regulated. Healthy sleep habits promote healthy body weight, improve cognitive and physical performance and contribute to better emotional health.


  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol, fats and sugars: Reducing the consumption of toxic substances is crucial to lead a healthy life and prevent a number of chronic diseases. There are several fundamental reasons for the relevance of this advice: improved cardiovascular health and decreased risk of developing cardiovascular problems, weight control and obesity prevention, hepatic (liver) health, and general wellbeing. Incorporating healthier eating habits can have a significant impact on long-term health and improve overall quality of life.


  • Maintain good hygiene to avoid health problems: Maintaining proper hygiene contributes to the prevention of certain infectious diseases caused by the spread of germs and bacteria. Showering regularly and washing your face can also prevent skin problems. Finally, oral hygiene is crucial in preventing gum disease, tooth decay and other dental problems. In summary, adopting proper hygiene habits in your daily routine can have a significant impact on your long-term health.


  • Get regular medical checkups: Periodic medical screenings are indispensable for prevention and advanced diagnosis of many pathologies. They help to detect health problems in early stages and to discover “silent diseases”.


At Paracelso Sagasta we want to emphasize that early diagnosis is the key to overcoming a health problem, which is why we offer the most advanced technology to provide, on one hand, the most accurate and fast diagnosis and, on the other hand, the most effective treatment for each case. Our specialists recommend that, from the age of 40 onwards, a thorough medical check-up should be performed every year or every two years. Make an appointment today.


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