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Epigastric CT

What does it consist of?

To carry out the test, you will have to remain stretched out on your back with your head resting on a cushion and a radiologist will administer a contrast medium to more precisely define the area to be studied. The table will then be moved until the abdominal area is in the center of the CT machine. It is a completely painless examination that lasts approximately 30 minutes. During this time it is important that you remain still to facilitate accurate imaging.

Fractura oblicua de peroné infrasindesmal Cortes coronales, sagitales y axiales.(1)
Cases in which it is recommended

To whom?

Epigastric CT is indicated, always at the request of a plastic surgeon, for those patients who are going to undergo breast reconstruction surgery using the DIEP flap technique, which consists of removing skin and fatty tissue from the lower area of the abdomen to transfer it to the breast on which the mastectomy has been performed.

Fractura oblicua de peroné infrasindesmal Cortes coronales, sagitales y axiales.(2)

How should you prepare?

  • Contrast administration: Most CT tests require contrast administration, either orally or through a vein. This allows to visualize with greater clarity the internal structures of the body.
  • Hydration: It is recommended that you come to the test well hydrated, having drunk at least one liter of water during the ten hours prior to the study. This makes it easier to remove the contrast from the body.
  • Metallic objects: The technician will give you the necessary instructions, provide you with a gown, and ask you to remove any metallic objects (jewelry, watches, piercings, hairpins, mobile phones, dental prostheses, and hearing aids).
  • Cardiac devices: It is important that you inform the technician about any device that you have implanted in your body (pacemakers, electrodes and clips from previous surgeries).
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