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Tips to avoid mosquito bites

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18 Jun 2024
2 Min
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With the arrival of summer, outdoor dining, mountain hikes and beach days also come the dreaded mosquitoes. Chances are you’ve been awakened by the buzzing of their wings during hot summer nights. If you’ve ever felt trapped in an endless dance with these pesky little intruders, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with their bites and their after effects. However, there are effective strategies for avoiding mosquitoes and preventing their bites so you can fully enjoy the summer season.

In this article we propose 9 tips and recommendations to keep these insects at bay.

  • Be careful with the way you dress and cover, as much as possible, arms and legs at night, since mosquitoes usually bite during the early morning, more specifically, two hours before sunrise and after sunset.


  • Wear light-colored light fabrics, since dark and bright colors attract mosquitoes.


  • Avoid intense scents, such as colognes, perfumes, soaps and body creams with sweet and floral aromas. They act as a magnet for these insects, while citrus and aromatic scents repel them.


  • Take care of personal hygiene, especially of feet and armpits. Lactic acid, uric acid and bacteria concentrated in the underarm, toe and ankle areas encourage them to bite.


  • Place mosquito nets on windows and doors, mainly in bedrooms. Although they can be a bit annoying because they reduce air entry, they are very effective to avoid bites.


  • Avoid the natural habitat of mosquitoes, mainly puddles and sources of stagnant water. For this purpose, it is recommended to frequently renew the drinking fountains of domestic animals, as well as any other container that tends to accumulate water. Other areas where mosquitoes are often active are garbage cans, pools of water, uncovered food and sweets or flowering gardens.


  • Use mosquito repellents, one of the most effective methods. When using them, the rules of use and frequency of use should be strictly followed. An ideal repellent should have high efficacy against various species of mosquitoes, low topical toxicity and ease of application. In case of sun exposure, sunscreen should be applied first and wait about 20 minutes to use the repellent.


At Paracelso Sagasta we understand that prevention is always the best ally. Taking measures and following the recommendations provided by specialists is essential to protect our health and that of the people around us. In addition, in the case of experiencing unusual symptoms or abnormal reactions after a sting, it is essential to seek medical attention. We should never underestimate the consequences of a sting, as for some people, they can trigger adverse reactions and severe allergies.



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