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How it is performed?

What does it consist of?

Bilateral breast magnetic resonance allows to evaluate the state of the breasts and breast tissues to determine the possible presence of malformations, areas of inflammation, cysts, malignant or benign tumors and abscesses, among other alterations.

Cases in which it is recommended

Who is it for?

Bilateral Breast MRI is used for:


• Follow-up of women at high risk of breast cancer.

• Determination of the extent of breast cancer.

• When the rest of the tests (mammography, breast ultrasound…) do not yield an exact diagnosis.


Test preparation


You must bring all scans related to the scan (mammograms, breast ultrasounds). In women who are still menstruating, the test should be performed a week or a week and a half after menstruation (from the 5th day to the 15th day).


If the objective of the test is to biopsy the lesion, you must also bring the coagulation tests. Since it is a very complex test, which requires a careful study of the images by the radiologist, the results are available in 5 days.

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